Lucy Middleton

MSc, BSc(Hons), BHSAI

Like many little girls I was fascinated by horses from a young age and was lucky enough to start riding lessons at the age of 7.  From then on I never imagined doing anything else.  

At the age of 16 I started to look for a better way to be with horses.  Although I was lucky enough to have a very generous horse who looked after me even when I got things wrong, I noticed people around me having problems handling their horses and often blaming the horse when things went wrong.  It was then that I discovered Natural Horsemanship.  I learnt a lot from studying these methods and the natural principles form the basis of my teaching today.  

My journey with horses took a slightly different direction when I met Patty Clarkson and her daughter Sophie Buchner.  Patty is now 90 years old and has spent her entire life working with and riding horses.  During her younger years she beautifully produced many horses and had great success in the international show ring.  Sophie grew up under her mothers tutelage and went on to train with Nuno Oliveria in Portugal for 3 years.  Patty and Sophie were very natural with their horses but they also rode beautifully and their horses looked physically better than most I had ever seen.  I soon learnt that the art of riding went far beyond anything I had previously experienced and building a partnership with your horse was an essential foundation.  I was lucky enough to begin lessons with Patty and Sophie in 2007, and continue to learn from them today.  I can never thank them enough for what they have taught me.   

In August 2009 I moved to Germany to work as a pupil for Anja Beran at her beautiful yard in Bavaria.  I spent 18 months studying under Anja, having lessons everyday and getting to ride a lot of different types of horses including horses with all kinds of problems.  You can read more about my time with Anja here.  

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