Riding Lessons

Lessons are available on your own horse at your own yard.  My preference is to give private lessons as I feel these are of most benefit to horse and rider as more time and attention can be given to your individual needs and more progress can be made.  However shared lessons are offered with an absolute maximum of 4 riders in each group.  

I also offer lunge lessons providing your horse is suitable for this purpose and is safe and happy to be lunged.  These can be a great way to improve your seat as they focus almost entirely on you, the rider.

Private lessons are £35 and last approximately 45 minutes.  Please note travel charges may apply.  Please get in touch for more information.  


In-Hand Lessons 

In-hand work has a long tradition in classical training and it has many benefits.  For example in-hand work can be used to first teach a horse a movement such as the shoulder-in without any disturbance from the riders weight.  This also allows the rider/trainer on the ground to see how the horse is moving and can offer a different perspective. It can also be a fun variation to ridden work for both horse and rider and a very useful tool to add to your skill set. 

Please get in touch if you would be interested in an in-hand lesson.  


Schooling & Schooling Livery 

I can offer schooling livery packages to suit you and your horses individual needs.  Would you like your horse to be brought on by a kind and sympathetic rider according to classical principles or perhaps you are struggling with a certain issue or simply lack the time to school often and want to give your horse a more solid foundation? Then please get in touch to discuss your needs.  

If you prefer to keep your horse at home but lack the time to effectively school your horse on a regular basis or would like your horse schooled to continue his/her education then I can come to you (location dependant) and offer schooling services.