Arthur Kottas Clinic at Contessa March 2018

This week I was once again lucky enough to have the opportunity to watch Arthur Kottas give a clinic at Contessa Riding Centre.  It was really good to see the horse and rider combinations that were there last time, and the time before that, as it gives us spectators the chance to see the changes and progress that has been made by horses and riders between clinics, as well as over the course of the clinic.  

Kottas was working on flying changes with one combination of horse and rider and the exercises he was using to help them will be very helpful with one of my students specifically so I am looking forward to working on that!  

As always the clinic was very well run and the team at Contessa were very friendly and welcoming and kept everyone warm by supplying them with plenty of tea, coffee, cake and yummy jacket potatoes.  Thank you to the Contessa Team for having us!